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ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor 2019 Form A, B, C and D Bundle MERGED (100% Correct Answers) BEST STUDY GUIDE 2022

1. A nurse is caring for a client who has compartment syndrome following the application of a
tast to the leg. Which of the following.. nurse take?
A. Check the client's pedal pulses
B.Administer a dose of antlemetic medication
C.Position the client's leg above the level of the
D.Apply ice to the extremity
2. A nurse is providing teaching about home safety to the adult child of an older adult client who
is postoperative following knee replacement surgery.Which of the following instructions should
the nurse include
A.Place a throw rug over electrical cords
B.Encourag the client to avoid wearing shoes at home
C.Mark the edges of the doorway to the house with
D.Ensure that area rugs have rubber backs
3. A nurse manager is reviewing the steps of the progressive discipline process prior to
counseling a staff member who exhibits unprofessional behavior. Identify the sequence of
steps the nurse manager should plan to take in response to the staff member's conduct.
(Move the steps into the box on the right, placing them in order of performance. Use all the
2- Give the staff member a written earning about the behavior.
1- Verbally remind the staff member of the expected behavior changes.
4- Suspend the staff member from employment at the facility
5- Dismiss the staff member from employment at the facility.
3- Set up a meeting to speak with the staff member about the behavior.
4. A nurse is providing teaching to a client who has a multiple sclerosis . Which of the
following statement should the nurse include
Limit your daily intake of high fiber foods
and C
Establish a voiding schedule by urinating exercises every 4 hours
Avoid exercises that increase your body temperature
Wear an eye patch over one eye for an entire day before switching
5. A nurse in an emergency department is caring for a toddler who has burns following a
house fire. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?
Calculate the fluid replacement based on vital signs and urinary output
Determine the location and depth of burns
Administer antibiotics to prevent sepsis.
Check the mouth for smooth and smoky breath
6. A nurse is caring for a client who has a pressure injury on the coccyx .Which of thefollowing
should indicateto the nurse that… a stage III pressure injury ?
Bone is exposed within the wound
Shough and eschar is present
Subcutaneous fat is visible
The skin is reddened and intact
7. (OJO) A newly licensed nurse is unsure if an assigned task is within their scope of practice.
which of the following resources should the nurse consult?
Written prescription from the provider
Institutional policies and procedures
Verbal direction from the nurse manager
State Nurse Practice Act
8. A nurse is caring for a client who has a prescription for 1 unit of packed RBCS. Flve minutes
after beginning the transfusion… with chills. After stopping the transfusion, which of the
following actions should the nurse taket?
Infuse 500 mL lactated Ringer's Iv.
Adininister epinephrine subcutaneously.
Document the reaction in the medical record.
Place the blood bag in a biohazard bag before discarding
9. A Nurse is teaching participants at a community center about advance directives. Which of
and C
the following information should the nurse include in the teaching?
Assigning a health care surrogate requireslegal consultation

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