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NUR 2488 Mental Health Exam 1 Questions With 100% CORRECT Answers

1. A fully developed outcome for a client goal would
Attainable for client, measurable terms and time
2. The nurse understands a client could be at risk for serotonin syndrome
when taking which ofthe following medications in addition to over the
counter medications or herbal supplements?
3. A 4-year-old child grabs toys from siblings, saying “I want that toy now!”.
The siblings cry andthe child’s parents become upset with the behavior.
Using Freudian theory, a nurse can interpret the child behavior as a
product of impulses originating in the:
4. Which expected client outcome should a nurse identify as being correctly
- Client will initiate interaction with one peer during free time within 2 days.
5. A voluntarily hospitalized patient tells the nurse, “Get me the forms for
discharge againstmedical advice so I can leave now. “Which is the
nurse’s best response?
-I will get them for you, but lets talk about your decision to leave treatment

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