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ATI PN Pharmacology 2022 Real Exam With 100% Correct Answers

1. A nurse is preparing to administer ipratropium by metered dose inhaler. What adverse
effects should the nurse instruct the client to monitor for?
The adverse effects that the nurse should teach the client to watch for when taking
ipratropium is dry mouth and hoarseness. The nurse should teach the client to sip
fluids and suck on sugar-free hard candies to help with the dry mouth and hoarseness.
2. A client has a new prescription for salmeterol. The nurse is teaching the client about
adverse effects of the medication. What instructions should the nurse include in this
The nurse should teach the patient that the medication can cause tachycardia, angina,
and tremors. The nurse should teach the client to observe for chest pain, palpitations,
arm pain, and/or jaw pain and if they occur to notify the provider right away. The
nurse should teach the client to check pulse and to report a pulse that increases
greater than 20 to 30 beats/min. The client should be taught that tremors usually
resolve with the continued use of the medication. The client should be advised to
avoid all caffeine and that the medication dose might need to be reduced or tweaked
depending on adverse effects.
3. A nurse is caring for a client prescribed the inhaled glucocorticoid beclomethasone
(QVAR) for the treatment of asthma. What is a potential adverse effect of this
medication and what are two (2) teaching points to discuss to address these adverse
The adverse effects that a patient could experience are difficulty speaking, candidiasis,
and hoarseness. The patient should be educated to rinse their mouth or gargle with
water after each use of the medication. The patent should also be educated to
monitor for redness, sores, or white patches in their mouth and if any of these occur
to report them to their provider right away. They will need to treat candidiasis with
nystatin oral suspension

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