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Hesi Remediation RN Pharmacology

the LPN beginning to dispense an incorrect dose. How should the nurse manager respond initially?
Because the nurse is supervising, not evaluating, the LPN, questioning the dosage rather than pointing out the error is a positive approach that will allow the LPN to grow and help foster a supportive working relationship.

• What instructions should the nurse give to the parents of a toddler?
The nurse should instruct the parents to serve finger foods to the child. This allows the toddler to feed herself and satisfy her need for independence and control. The nurse should instruct the parents to provide graded independence to their child, allowing the toddler to do things that do not result in harm to herself or others.

• The parents of a 2-year-old child who is being admitted to the hospital tell the nurse that their child is accustomed to sleeping with a favorite blanket. What should the nurse do, knowing that the blanket is worn and dirty?
The blanket represents a security object to the child, who needs security in the unfamiliar setting of a hospital. Refusing to allow the parents to leave the blanket is insensitive because it ignores the emotional needs of the child.

• The nurse is assessing a term newborn. Which sign should the nurse report to the pediatric primary healthcare provider?
A breathing pattern with recurrent sternal retractions is indicative of respiratory distress; the expected pattern is abdominal with synchronous chest movement.

• A client diagnosed with adrenal gland hypofunction is receiving fludrocortisone therapy. Which nursing intervention would help the client reduce the risk of complications?
Fludrocortisone, prednisone, and cortisone are the drugs prescribed for the treatment of adrenal gland hypofunction. During fludrocortisone therapy, the blood pressure of the client should be regularly monitored because fludrocortisone has a potential to cause hypertension.

Client Needs
Reduction of Risk Potential
• Immediately after receiving spinal anesthesia a client develops hypotension. To what physiologic change does the nurse attribute the decreased blood pressure?
Paralysis of the sympathetic vasomotor nerves after administration of a spinal anesthetic results in dilation of blood vessels, which causes a subsequent decrease in blood pressure.

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