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Topics for the microbiology exam

Effect of biological factors on microorganisms.Bacterial genetics. Carriers of genetic information in bacteria.Variability in bacteria. Mutations.Variability in bacteria. Genetic exchange information between bacteria.Genetic Engineering: DNA Cloning, DNA hybridization, PCR – general characteristic and application.Antimicrobial chemotherapy - principles. Antibiotics and chemotherapy. Requirements for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Agents.Antimicrobial chemotherapy. Antibacterial preparations - mechanisms of action. Characteristic of the main groups of antibacterial preparations.Antimicrobial chemotherapy. Antituberculosis preparations. Antifungal and antiviral chemotherapeutic agents, mechanisms of action.Resistance of Microorganisms to Antimicrobial Agents - Genetic and Biochemical Mechanisms of Resistance.Infection. Relationships between microorganisms and macroorganism. Infection, infectious process, infectious disease.Infection. Role of microorganisms in the infectious process.Properties of infectious agents - infectiousness, pathogenicity, virulence, contagiousness.Infection. Factors of pathogenicity and the virulence of microorganisms.Infection. Role of the macroorganism, the environment and social conditions for the emergence and development of the infectious process.Infection. Pathogenesis of the infectious process - critical dose and entrance door of infection, distribution and localization of microorganisms in the macroorganism. Forms of infection.Infection. Reservoirs of infectious agents, sources of infection and mechanisms of transmission of infectious agents.

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  • Subject: microbiology
  • Year of study: 2021-2022
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